Italy is a controversial place for gay men. Remember your gay fantasies when you watched those movies with Roman soldiers and gladiators? See the whole world admiring the sculptures of gorgeous men by gay artists ? 

 Be it for reasons of mentality or because the Pope power reaches also outside the walls of the Vatican City, Italy has by far not the open and colourful gay life as other places in Europe.

But the situation started to change in the last 10 years with a new generation of more open and self-confident gay men, like the Puglia governor Niki Vendola.

The advantage is that in Puglia you can explore the different places  also at night while you go to your favourite bars and clubs  ...

Southern Puglia, often referred to as Salento has recently experienced an impressive artistic explosion.

Many artists come here from all over the world to learn the art of ceramics, and stonework. Many musicians come to experience the rythm of “pizzica” a traditional dance inspired by the mith of “tarantolati”, people bitten by the tarantola spider.

The medieval castles host all kind of art and music shows, antique furniture exhibit, theatre and poetry readings.